The Book of Warfare Weapons is the second book in The Book of Warfare Series. The purpose of this book is to help motivate, train, and equip Christians to triumph in spiritual warfare by effectively using 50 different spiritual weapons.

Throughout my journey of writing this book, I have discovered that many Christians lack proper training in how to wage effective spiritual combat. Many often search the Internet looking for solutions to their most urgent challenges in life. They often come across new fads, modern philosophies, and popular humanistic reasoning that may sound good at the time but fail to deliver when the storms of life arise.

They fail to take into account that real spiritual entities of darkness are constantly fighting to destroy the souls of mankind. These are evil beings that are immune to humanistic reasoning and ideologies. They only respond to authority and power. Ultimate authority and power come from Jesus Christ.  Jesus gave Christians power and authority over all the powers of darkness. 

A person may have authority and power and not know how to use them. The result of which is a person who is ineffective, incompetent, and headed toward defeat. Take, for instance, a police officer trying to carry out his daily duties without a weapon. Thugs will not only disrespect him, but they may even attempt to harm him because he is ill-equipped without his weapon. 

Likewise, in the spirit realm, evil entities will disrespect, harass, bully, and even attempt to harm Christians who do not have or know how to use their spiritual weapons. Therefore, if training in the proper use of one’s weapon is essential, how much more is training in all 50? Training in the appropriate use of 50 different spiritual weapons is a gigantic, life-altering phenomenon of grand proportions.

This book will train you to unleash weapons of unimaginable authority, power, and might. These weapons are older than time. These weapons proved themselves effective in dispensations and generations throughout the history of the human experience. These weapons can be activated anytime, anywhere, and in any situation.

For twenty-five years, the Holy Spirit began to take me behind the scenes of the spirit realm to teach me how to use these spiritual weapons. The Holy Spirit began to teach me by giving me countless visions, dreams, interpretations of dreams, prophecies, miracles, signs, and testimonies concerning these weapons. It is my prayer that this book blesses your life to the overflow as much as the revelations concerning them have blessed mine.