The Book of Warfare Weapons-Journal is part of the Spiritual Warfare Training Program. This journal will help you to more effectively use the 50 advanced spiritual weapons as revealed in The Book of Warfare Weapons. The Book of Warfare Weapons- Journal has numerous writing prompts, ideas, insight, activities, and exercises to help you to better use each of the 50 weapons of spiritual warfare.

A person may read all the best strategies and techniques for learning how to swim, but only after the person has successfully demonstrated proficiency in what was taught, can he call himself a swimmer.  It is the same with spiritual warfare, you must demonstrate proficiency in what you have learned.  

The Book of Warfare Weapons reveals many amazing revelations about spiritual weapons. The Book of Warfare Weapons-Workbook builds upon that knowledge and helps to lead to proficiency.

The Book of Warfare Weapons-Journal will take it one step further to help you to refine your technique, improve your strategy, sharpen your focus, and identify which specific weapons best fits your personality. By utilizing critical thinking, insightful analysis, extensive self-monitoring, and deep reflection, you will be well on your way to identifying which weapons work best for you. 

Consider the swimmer again. After learning to swim, he may find that for his body type, height, weight, and age, the “back-stroke,’’ may be more effective for him than the butterfly kick, but for another swimmer, the exact opposite may be true.

It is the same way with the spiritual weapons of warfare.  For God gives them to each person as the Holy Spirit knows that it would best fit. Yet, others are also available for the mere asking or exercising them by faith. 

All of them must be developed through constant use.  The Book of Warfare Weapons-Journal provides specific prompts, thoughts, recommendations, activities, and exercises to best help you to identify which spiritual weapons you have been given, which ones are a better fit for you, and or which ones can help you to be more effective in the future.

 Take your time to truly reflect on each of the questions and respond from your heart.  You will be amazed as to how much insight you will learn about the spiritual weapons and even more so about yourself.