The purpose of the book is to help equip Christians to win at spiritual warfare. Throughout my journey of writing this book, I discovered that so many Christians lack training in how to wage effective spiritual combat. Therefore, although they may have a zeal for doing good, many experience failures and defeats along the way from having no one to guide them when engaged in spiritual conflicts.

I was also one such person who wanted to know but had no one to teach me.  The Holy Spirit became my teacher and began to take me behind the scenes to witness the realities of the Spirit realm.  For thirty years, the Holy Spirit has been teaching me how to win on the spiritual battlefield, by giving me countless visions, dreams, precise interpretations of dreams, prophecies, miracles, signs, and wonders along the way.

God would most often use Dreams and Visions as the primary way of communicating with me these insights of revelation.  Along this journey, I have also experienced many tests, trials, persecutions, and tribulations. God used both the good times and the tough times to teach me valuable lessons on how to win at spiritual warfare.  The Lord instructed me to write the things he showed me in a journal.  Now twenty-one journals later, the Lord has told me to make the journals into books to help people win in Spiritual Warfare.

It has been a long journey to bring the book to print.  I felt reluctant at first to share my personal life experiences with the world, not knowing how others would receive it or even if they would believe the things I would share with them.  But God reassured me and told me that it would bless many, so I am sharing it out of obedience.  My whole life changed during the process of writing this book.  I have come to embrace the truth that God is indeed faithful at all times.  I have grown to the point of trusting God like never before.  I have come to realize that understanding is a privilege, but obedience is a command.  God never commands us to understand, but He does command us to obey.

It is now easier for me to obey God than when I began writing the book.  I can now obey even when I don’t understand; that’s trust!  I believe this book is unique in that its viewpoint is practical instead of historical, philosophical, or theological.  As a Pastor and Prophet, God has allowed me to experience many spiritual things, and to teach them without “going off” or “getting spooky.”  All spiritual revelations and experiences should point to the finished work of Jesus Christ and His work of Grace in the lives of believers.

All revelations and spiritual experiences that do not align with the written Word of God must be rejected.  For the Word of God is the ultimate authority in Heaven, Earth, and under the Earth.  It is my prayer that upon reading this book your faith will grow to a new height and your love for God will know no end.  Get ready to begin your transformation into a mighty prayer warrior for Jesus Christ as you explore the pages of The Book of Warfare Strategies.