Prayers To Reject Rejection.

No one wants to be marginalized, ostracized, or ignored.  And what is worst than feeling left out or forgotten?  There is no pain like the sting of rejection.  We have all experienced it to one degree or another.  Because none of us are perfect.  We all have areas in our lives where we may be weak or don’t quite measure up.  And society is always adding to that pressure by setting artificial standards and requirements to belong.

How often individuals have been rejected because they were too short, too tall, too big, too small, too light, too dark, because of being a woman, a man, a girl, a boy, and the list goes on and on.  All this rejection is of the devil to make you feel less than… But the truth of the matter is you are not “less than” you are “more than.”    You are not just accepted, you are embraced. You are not just tolerated, you are celebrated. You are not just victorious, you are a conqueror “AND MORE THAN A CONQUEROR,” says the WORD of GOD.

Look what the Bible says in Romans 8:37Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

Because God loves you He has already given you the capacity to eradicate all rejection from your life.  You may ask, how? By the power of His might to cause you to become an overcoming, bright-light shining, shockingly successful, and unexplainable prosperous person of righteousness, goodness, and holiness in Christ Jesus.  When you surrender your whole life to Jesus Christ and let Him have full control. He will make you like Him and give you the power and authority to reject all rejection.

Everyone wants to interact with successful, joyful, prosperous people.  Everyone wants to interact with someone who genuinely is connected with God with love and good works, who knows where they are going in life. Everyone wants to connect with someone whose life shows that through thick and thin, God has been right there all alone.  Everyone wants to connect with one they can see the Hand of God active in their lives.  This is what God offers you.  God offers you, fellowship, in His presence and His love.  For who can stamp you rejected when God stamps you approved?

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Happy woman overcoming rejection