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We celebrate the release of our newsletter this month of September. We believe the newsletter will help our customers, subscribers, and supporters stay informed of all the new things that are happening and those things that are scheduled for the future.                               -Tue, 07SEP22



We were delighted to host the 2nd Showing for those who could not attend the official Book Release and Spiritual Training Launch, due to their work schedule.  Thank you to each of you who attended either of the two showings.       -August 25,2022.


Glory to God! We rejoice in the Lord Jesus to see the finished work of The Book of Warfare Weapons. Praise be to God for allowing us to have a successful book launch. By the Lord’s Mercy and Grace, the people of the Lord will be equipped with training to help them move and win at spiritual warfare.    -August 20, 2022



We are grateful to each of you who received the Saved The Date and poured out expressions of encouragement, kind words, blessings, prayers, and support.  I am humbled by your kindness and support.  Thank you very much and may God tremendously each of you for doing so.                                                                 -Aug 01, 2022