By Ezekiel Williams

The Book
of Warfare Weapons

Christian Spiritual Warfare Training

Get ready to be trained in how to use 50 Spiritual Weapons!
All of these weapons are backed with immense authority, strength, and power! Each of these spiritual weapons can release might to put to flight the powers of darkness. If you are ready for transformation and victory, get your copy of the book today!

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Ezekiel Williams

When speaking was a challenge, writing became an escape.  Escape to reflection, meditation, and prayer.  It was during the quiet times of prayer that I began to sense the moving of the Holy Spirit. The more I spent time with Him the more I could hear what He was saying. After a while, divine revelation began to spring forth through dreams, visions, prophecy and studying the Word of God. The revelation I received from the Lord Jesus Christ was as a bright light that scattered the darkness.  It was through dreams, interpretation of dreams, visions, and prophecy that the Holy Spirit began to help me to understand hidden mysteries of the realm.  Now, half-a-lifetime later, I am sharing with you some of the 26 recorded journals of what the Lord shared with me. I hope that you will be strengthened in your faith and that Glory may come to the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Other Books

Warfare Weapons Workbook

The Book of Warfare Weapons Workbook is loaded with amazing insight, dynamic revelation, practical application, and engaging group activities to help you maximize the effectiveness of your spiritual warfare training plan.

Warfare Weapons Journal

The Book of Warfare Weapons Journal is a wonderful tool to help you record, review, and reflect on your growth and spiritual development. The Journal has faith-building scriptures, inspirational quotes, and writing prompts to help enhance your progress.

Warfare Strategies

The Book of Warfare Strategies is the first book in the spiritual warfare series. It is loaded with revelations, deep insight, testimonies of dreams, visions, miracles, signs, wonders, and lots of scriptures that will challenge and inspire you to win.

A cosmic battle is taking place for your soul.  You can turn the battle in your favor.  Learn how to get victory over the powers of darkness!  Get your copy of The Book of Warfare Weapons today!



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We invite you to join us for a 12-hour prayer conference called the               12hrprayerathon. This is a free online event that will be held Sat,                 MAY 25, 2024, 12:01 AM -11:59 AM.  Coming Soon!

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The Book of Warfare Outstanding Warrior Challenge.

Are you ready for advanced, intensive, online spiritual warfare training that you can participate in from the comfort of your home?  If so, click the button to hear more about it.



We invite you to join us on YouTube Live each Monday morning at 5:30 AM. The YouTube channel is thebookofwarfare . Also, we will have a 30-mins Live Prophetic Activation Prayer via Google Meets immediately following the live broadcast. Register here to attend.

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Available January 01, 2023

The Book of Warfare-Special Operations


This book will teach you how to develop into a highly trained spiritual warfare warrior, who will be able to carry out special operations to set captives free from sin, bondage, and other forms of captivity.

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